Life changes in all the best ways when you know you look fabulous!

Life changes in all the best ways when you know you look fabulous!

Fabulously Fashionable – You? YES!

Have you looked in your closet and thought, “I have all these clothes, and nothing to wear?” Have you found yourself putting something on only to take it off again a few minutes later? Do you keep going back to the same outfits?

It’s time to Create A New Perfect You!

Perfect Image Consultants will give you a complete, improved, and original look from head to toe in accordance with your own personality and lifestyle. As image consultants specializing in makeovers that take your self confidence to a whole new level, we know exactly how to transform your look and style in the shortest period of time and in the most noticeable ways.

We will show you what clothes in your closet are “keepers” and which ones need to be “retired” so that you have a fresh start before you ever leave your house. You will learn how to revitalize your existing outfits and develop a keen fashion eye.

Our strategy is: A New You! NOW!
You will learn how to have:

  • everything in your closet wearable
  • the right colors and fitting you correctly
  • everything organized so it will be easier for you to find your best outfits
  • create a shopping list (clothing and accessories) with your “must-haves” to complete your wardrobe for your lifestyle

We generally look to the fashion world for guidance, but it is flooded with mixed messages. We will will help you analyze your appearance and wardrobe by cutting through the confusion, saving time and money. Whether you need simple style direction or an extreme makeover, you have reached your destination.

The information you acquire will help you to create a lifelong understanding of how to use style to add to your personal power. When we are done, you will feel and look like the goddess you truly are. This is definitely an area of your life that is worth everything you invest in it.

Contact us today and get started!